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Ongar Millennium History Society

The Archive

The Society has a wealth of material relating to the history of Ongar. There are numerous photographs both old and modern together with letters, maps and other documents. There are also many books and leaflets pertaining to the locality and a host of artefacts from past buildings in the area. Among these are items from the old Ongar Grammar School and the recently closed Ongar War Memorial Hospital.

We maintain an archive for the Society. If you wish to see or borrow any of the articles, please contact a member of the committee.

1. A history of the Ongar Research Station during the 20th Century.By Snowy Evans. 2 copies published 2008.


2. Down Bushey by Roy Smith. 70 pages published 2008  

3. Livingstone by Team Jeal 27 pages published 1973  

4. History of North Weald Bassett and Its People by Arthur Newens. 364 pages.  

5. Victorian Life in Photographs introduction by William Sansom – 181 illustrations.  

6. Victorian and Edwardian Essex from old photographs – introduction by and commentary Stan Jarvis Published 1973 – 152 illustrations.  

7. Essex Churches by K Dixon Box. 131 pages published 1970.  

8. Essex Curiosities – A history of the old, odd and unusual in Essex by Derek Johnson. 156 pages published 1973.  

9. A History of Essex by A.C. Edwards 128 pages, published 1978.  

10. Essex Worthies – a biographical companion to the County by William Addison 212 pages published 1973.  

11. An Illustrated Book of Heraldry by Stephen Slater. Published 2006.  

12. Winston Churchill – his Politics and Writing by David Hatter. 30 pages published 2004.  

13. A Woman of Importance by Terence Adams. 35 pages published 2003.  

14. John Locke and the Mashams at Oates by Mark Goldie. 44 pages  

15. Pictorial Revue of the Lavers by the Lavers History Group.  

16. A series of Essex Police History Notebooks  

17. St Mary Magdalen Church, Magdalen Laver – leaflet  

18. All Saints Church, High Laver – leaflet  

19. A County Memoir by Allen Lewis.   

20. An old pocket edition of an early London underground map.  

21. A “Gem” map of London and Suburbs.  

22. London bus maps 1836 and 1957.  

23. Epping and Ongar a Pictorial History. By Stephen Pewsey  

24. Georgian Essex  

25. Memories of Chelmsford  

26. Essex Weather Book  

27. 1994 ~Chipping Ongar Engagements Calendar  

28. Silver Jubilee Ongar – booklet  

29. Ongar Through the Ages – booklets  

30. St Margaret’s Hospital and Ongar War Memorial Hospital – menu list.  

31. Various hospital plaques.   

32. Scouting in Ongar. By Peter Evans.  

33. Aspects of the History of Ongar.  

34. Our Sailor King by A A. Smith  

35. Tales of Old Ongar. By Fred Powell - leaflet  

36. The Taylors of Ongar.  

37. Through the Dark Continent. By Henry M Stanley.  

38. Photograph Album by John Root.  

39. Bygone Ongar 1940-60.  

40. Frances Frith’s Pocket Album Essex.