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Ongar Millennium History Society

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November 2013

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David Thompson (1937-2013)

David Thompson - an appreciation

A Boodle tomb postscript

Sally Lunn Buns

Ongar Town Council grant

Why Navestock?

Vacancy for Membership Secretary

Dates for your diary

August 2013

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Obituary: Robert Brooks

Can you help? Queries from the last newsletter

Visit to the South Bank

What goes around comes around…

An Attractive Gabled Country Residence in a ‘Sporting District’

Crime in Ongar

An afternoon of nostalgia

Dates for the diary

May 2013

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Can you help?

The St. Martin’s Hatchment

Four visits and a bus

Local Listing Status for Mayflower Way Telephone Kiosk

Dr. Clara Stewart

Sermon in Ongar’s dissenting chapel

Dates for your diary

February 2013

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OMHS Christmas party

Martyn  Lockwood Talk on Essex Murders

The Essex earthquake

Dating Buildings

Kitty Marshall and Ongar

Chipping Ongar and the 1670 hearth tax

Dates for your diary

November 2012

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Ann Roberts

Brains of Ongar 2012

The History of Great Stony


AGM Chairperson’s report

Songs that won the war

You have gone a little too far and some apology is needed: the saga of the enlargement of St Martin’s church in 1883

Library display

Dates for your diary

August 2012

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Angela Root

A letter from Simon Hanney

House History Group

The Writtle Archive

Littlebury Mill

David Livingstone, I presume..…

Jubilee Day

The Budworth Three

Dates for your diary

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February 2014

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Chair’s Annual Report 2012-2013

St. Martin’s “hatchment” revisited

What were your family doing 100 years ago?

An appeal for information

Members’ Christmas get-together

London part 2 – coming soon!!!

The History of Poultons

Dates for your diary

May 2014

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An Ongar conventicle in the 1590s

A successful visit to Ongar

Samuel’s House? Help!!

The Lacey family of Chipping Ongar

Marion Slade Lecture 2014

A Golden Childhood

London Walk part 2

Poppy seeds planted to commemorate the First World War anniversary

Dates for your diary

August 2014

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Time for a change

PS to Afternoon Tea at the Ongar Ritz

From our postbag

What were your relatives doing 100 years ago?

A glimpse of Ongar in 1770

Changing Ongar

Anyone for BOO?

Heritage Open Days

Dates for your diary

November 2014

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Chair Annual Report 2014

Josiah Gilbert. Who he?

Glastonbury Chairs

Dates for your diary

Advance notice

May 2015

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Saint Martin of Tours

Isaac Taylor’s Engraving Machine or following the Trail to William Tipping

The Ongar Castle mound mausoleum

An enigma

Chipping Ongar schoolmasters

"Brains of Ongar" Triumph

The Clockmakers' Museum

Afternoon Tea at the Ongar Ritz

August 2015

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The Tanners remembered in St. Martin’s Church

Schoolmasters and teaching in seventeenth century Chipping Ongar


Dates for the diary

November 2015

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Chair report for OMHS 15th September 2015

Webster/Gates/Glasscock Grave

A lost diary

Afternoon Tea at the Ongar Ritz

Upcoming Events

Febuary 2016

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The faceless bedstead clock at St. Martin’s Church

An Email from Australia

Upcoming Events

May 2016

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Plague in Ongar in 1574?

A murder and an abandoned baby

Stories in Brass

A glimpse of Chipping Ongar trades between 1600 and 1660

The Old Rectory, Shelley

Dates for your diary

August 2016

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A Local Ongar Man

The Thread of Patronage

Reverend William Philp and the Old Rectory, Shelley

Dates for your diary

November 2016

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St. Martin’s Church and Ongar in Bloom

Opera comes to Ongar

St. Peter’s Church, Shelley

From man-of-war to madhouse

Future Events

February 2017

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This year’s Marion Slade Lecture will soon be here!

The Painting in St. Martin’s

Partial Persons in the Neighbourhood of Chipping Ongar

Interesting Cat and Bull cuttings from the past

The archaeology of Bansons's Yard

Chipping Ongar shambles – more evidence

A desirable residence in 1728

An army deserter

James Crompton, money scrivener, and the White House, Chipping Ongar

Dates for the diary

May 2017

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Frederic Miller Noble

Community care in the seventeenth century

The “Ins and Outs” of St. Martin’s Church

A Question of Attribution

A military arsenal in Chipping Ongar

Local doctor attacked

Publications at the Library

Arboretum Visit

Dates for the diary

August 2017

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A day in the life of Mr Potter, surgeon of Ongar

The Barker Family

Barbara Sutton  1920 -2017

Publications at the Library

Railway comes to Ongar

Dates for the diary

Future Events

November 2017

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Greensted Hall - another possible Repton site in Essex?

From Genoa to Chipping Ongar

Greensted rectors of the mid seventeenth century

Visit to Bletchley Park

Report on wrought iron gates from Ongar's old town hall examined on 27 Oct 2017

Future Events

February 2018

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New light on Ongar's medieval development

The Fenn Family

Fredericks' Princess Theatre, Ongar in 1874 and 1876

Building work at 171 High Street

The Gun - A condensed History from Crecy to Current Conflict

Dates for the diary

Photo Gallery

Future Events

May 2018

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We need your help

Committee members

Road traffic offences

Henry Gibson and the Church Rooms in Castle Street

Random occupations in Chipping Ongar

Visit to Ongar 1881

Future Events

August 2018

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The sale of the manor of Chipping Ongar

Three Hundred Years Later

Ongar’s market crosses

A Treasure Trove in Colchester

World War 1 Post cards from our archive