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Ongar Millennium History Society

High Street Photographic Survey 2003-2004

This survey was organised by the Ongar Millennium History Society to record those small details, often overlooked, which are an important part of the individual character of the town. The value of such details is not generally appreciated and much has been lost in recent decades, often through ill-informed utilitarian alterations or repairs which do not require, or never obtained, local authority planning consent. All aspects of historic buildings are at risk, in particular chimney stacks, chimney pots, doors, windows, shop fronts and a wide range of decorative details (some of which may have lost their original function or significance, but still have historical importance.) Some have been lost since this survey was started. The features recorded here are all considered worthy of preservation (or sensitive replacement, if lost or damaged) and it is hoped that this record will increase awareness of their significance, and help to ensure their survival.

The photographers were Frank Hart and John Root, the text was prepared by Michael Leach.

Ongar Photographic Survey 2003-2004 (PDF)